About Me

When people ask me to tell them about myself I always start by telling them about my family, because they are such a big part of who I am! I have two parents who are happily married. My dad is a super hard worker and he made sure that each of his children learned the importance of hard work. One of his favorite phrases is, “Done is Done.” This describes my dad perfectly. He has taught me the importance of working hard and finishing everything you start. My mom is one of the most loving and service oriented people I know. She has taught me the importance of making people and relationships a priority in my life. I have four older brothers. They have shown me by example the importance of pursuing your dreams and how much can be accomplished if you put your mind to it. They have also taught me that life is fun and from them I learned how to have a sense of humor and appreciate life. I have one sister-in-law who has taught me how to give and how to love life in general. My two younger sisters taught me how to make friends and how important it is to have good friends who you can talk to.

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